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We've been playing for a long time. Since 1948 to be exact. And ever since then we've believed that play is discovery. It's in our roots.

In the Beginning...

25-year-old Charles Lazarus turned his dream of a kid-centric business into a reality. A furniture Store for babies was born, Children's Bargain Town in Washington D.C., catering to the post-war baby boom.

The first ever toy that hit the shelves was a cradle gym. Then came along tricycles, books and all kinds of other toys.

A New Business Model

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About 10 years later, Lazarus turned his Store into a 'toy supermarket', kind of like what we're used to today. That way, people could really check out the toys, hold them, and start imagining before they got home. Then he opened his second Store, Toys"R"Us. With a backwards R of course!

Toys"R"Us became a public Company in 1978 with loyal toy-loving Customers from across America.

In 1960 our loveable mascot Geoffrey the Giraffe came along with the jingle, 'I Don't Want to Grow Up, I'm a Toys"R"Us Kid,' soon becoming recognized around the world. (If you don't remember it…ask your parents!)

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Going Global

Toys"R"Us jumped onto the international scene when we opened our first Store in Canada and licensed operations in Singapore. Talk about opposite ends of the map!

Today we're bringing play and discovery all over the globe with thousands of Stores in dozens of countries including Canada, USA, Australia, Germany, Portugal, Spain, the UK and the list goes on.

Due to the global nature of our business, our Employees have a chance to work collaboratively on global committees with countries such as Japan, Australia and across Europe. Talk about a global opportunity! It's a pretty big playground out there.

In Summary

With our amazing Customers and Employees, we've played, imagined and dreamed for decades. They've helped us create this awesome history. They're a part of it.

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"R" culture is all about collaboration, innovation and creativity. It's how we choose to navigate the playground. In fact, take it from our President:

"At Toys"R"Us and Babies"R"Us we strive to make our culture one where we work hard and play harder. A culture where we serve each other and ultimately our Customer by providing the best shopping experience possible, no matter whether you shop bricks or clicks."

Our Vision

At Toys"R"Us, we aim to be not only the biggest, but the Greatest Kid's Cross-channel Retailer in Canada. A toolbox for the imagination and playground where discovery never ends. A place where the latest and greatest princesses, wizards and spaceships live and someone is excited to get them into eager hands that are ready to play. Here's how we work to bring our vision to life:

VITE means FAST poster


VITE (French for "fast") is Toys"R"Us Canada's internal brand - the philosophy we do business by. Each letter describes one aspect of our retail best practices.

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The Power of 4

The Power of 4 is a big deal at Toys"R"Us and Babies"R"Us. In fact, it's huge…this is our culture in a nutshell.

So what does it mean?

  • It's about collaboration between our four core areas: Stores, the Store Support Centre, ToysRUs.ca and the Distribution Centre.
  • It's about teamwork, and providing awesome service to our Customers – whether they are Customers in our Stores or another Employee in a different area.

When we collaborate the full power of our Company comes together – the Power of 4.

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Kids are at the core of who we are and what we do. It's important to "Us" that we support kids-focused charities and give back to our communities so their imaginations can soar and their childhoods be enjoyed.

Community and Giving Back

We focus our charitable efforts on helping children when they need us most, supporting children with special needs and offering support to seriously ill or disabled children and their families. To achieve those goals, we are proud to partner with Starlight Children's Foundation and Autism Speaks Canada.

How You Can Make a Difference @ Toys"R"Us

We are very proud that our Employees across the country share in our Company's charitable goals of helping them in times of need. We encourage our Employees to personally reach out to support our partners.

You CAN make a difference in children's lives…here's how:

For more information on how we give back, please click here.

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We "R" Green

Playing outside, catching frogs and soaking up the sun is part of being a kid. So at Toys"R"Us we give back to nature, our biggest playground of all. Here's how we aim to be kinder to the planet:

  • All Toys"R"Us' Gift Cards are made from 99% bio PVC.
  • We ask Customers if they need plastic bags, saving millions of plastic bags to date!
  • Toys"R"Us has re-wired selected Stores to allow them to run at 50% lighting during brownouts and off-hour stocking periods.
  • ALL new Toys"R"Us Stores use LED lighting in their interior and exterior signs.
  • We have comprehensive recycling programs in place in all our Stores, at our Head Office and in our Distribution Centre. In an average year, we recycle nearly 4,000 metric tons of cardboard, the equivalent of 65,878 trees!
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Equal Opportunity

We believe everyone has the right to be treated without discrimination on the job or while applying for a position.

Harassment or discrimination against any Employee or candidate on the basis of his or her race, religion, colour, national origin, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, or the presence of any physical, mental or sensory disability is a serious violation of our policies and will not be tolerated.

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For decades we've been igniting imaginations and bringing discovery across Canada through our locations. We have strong brand recognition as an established cross-channel retailer…who doesn't recognize the Toys"R"Us logo?

We are the biggest and Greatest toy authority on finding absolutely anything you can dream of, from fairy princesses to laser shooting aliens, from bears to snuggle to blocks to build. We've got the latest, the old faithfuls and great value for generations of parents and kids alike.

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We've got it all for this exciting, new and sometimes scary journey parents face from when baby is brought home, to infant stage and beyond. We're proud to be the biggest and Greatest baby products retailer and specialty Store chain in Canada.

We have amazing Store services like a Mother's Room for baby care, special parking for expecting moms and an awesome Baby Registry used by more than 11 million parents in North America. Plus our BabiesRUs.ca site and Baby Catalogue make shopping for baby as easy and enjoyable as can be.