Value: We will be competitively priced.

The price of an item is what you pay, but the Value is what you get. We want to provide our Customers with products with excellent Value that differentiates us.

In-stock: We will have the product.

The In-Stock portion of VITE includes getting product on the floor in a timely fashion, ensuring our shelves are full and our wide assortment is showcased for our Customers.

Trend: We will be first to market.

We carry hot, new, innovative products and TRU exclusives and want Customers to know we have the products they're looking for.

Expertise: We know more about Toy and Baby products.

We are the experts. We know more about Toy and Baby products than any of our competitors. We have the passion for the product and want to share it with our Customers. Expertise means knowledgeable, helpful Employees and great Customer Service.