Picture of Scott

I started back in March 2003 and was hired as a Merchandise Financial Planning Manager. After three months, I took over the Supply Chain Administration Team and ran that Department for five years. Then I moved from that to pure financial planning reporting to the VP of Merchandising and did that for two years, then I was promoted to Financial Planning Manager and Special Projects for a year. Six months ago I was promoted to Sr. Project Manager, Business Development.

I think a lot of the opportunities offered were through the work that I had done in the previous position. Toys"R"Us gave me a lot of flexibility for exploration of efficiencies and opportunities to make things better. When I did that, it allowed me to open up my time and take on more responsibility. So taking all of those opportunities every time built up new tasks, and when things hit critical mass, I would find myself working in a different capacity while continuing to do what I was hired to do and my job would naturally evolve.

I've learned a lot of good stuff here.

Patience and temperament. Working in groups and teams in a non-confrontational way. Collaboration is a really big thing here.

I've learned that you're only restricted in what you can do but what you believe you can't do. "I don't know how" doesn't really exist at TRU…it just means we haven't figured it out yet. We can do anything here and we've proved it. Like being the first country with cost to cost planning. Building software that allows us to do store to store transfers. Big things that nine years ago didn't exist but put us on the global stage as a shining star to say "look what this group of people really can do".

The other is the value of relationships within an organization. Working with Leadership has helped frame my other skills significantly.

They've supported my career development in multiple ways. One, by supporting me as I went back to school for my Project Management designation (PMP). They're extremely supportive of work life balance. And I think the Leadership here is interested in growing their Employees. If you work hard, the Company works back for you. If you put in time and hours consistently and produce results, it's noticed. It's drive that gets you noticed.

That hard work to produce results doesn't go unnoticed. You may be working hard for a year and feel like no one's watching, but it will be seen. Never believe that your contribution's not important. Be integral to who you are, know who you are and stick to that. Be honest and stand up for what you believe in.

Lego, I was a Lego fanatic. And woodworking – I had a little tool set that I used to make things.