Picture of Ross

Tonka trucks! And I also liked playing cowboys and Native Canadians.

My father brought me with him from Cape Breton to Ontario. We went to an agency and the agency sent us to Toys"R"Us. I started as a temporary Material Handler. They hired me full time because I performed well.

Then a few years later I started to drive a straddle truck (it picks merchandise out of the racks in the Distribution Centre). I stayed in that Department for some time until Toys"R"Us moved into this newer facility (in Concord ON). In fact, the very first pallet that came into the Distribution Centre - I brought it. I still have a picture of it! I was a driver for a few years, then an opportunity came for a promotion and transfer to a Lead Handler and I took it. I did that for a few years, then another Lead Handler position came up in Processing and I did that for a few years.

We became a 3rd party logistics for Home Depot for awhile when they first came to Canada – some of their product flowed through our warehouse – I was a Coordinator for that. Another opportunity came to move into Shipping as a Supervisor, then a Management position opened up and I applied for that and got it. That was 9 years ago. Wow – 9 years as the Shipping and Fleet Manager.

The people I work with. They're just such a strong team and I really am truly fortunate to have such strong staff working with me.

It became something I was passionate about and looked forward to being a part of. It feels good to make a difference. Reading the stories about children we helped and the parent testimonies made you feel like you're doing more than just showing up for work every day.

During our campaigns for Starlight and Autism Speaks we sell tickets for raffles in the DC's, buy DC specific prizes, email vendors to ask for donations or raffle prizes. For Autism Speaks I'm the captain of the Toys”R” Us Toronto Walk Now For Autism Speak team. Additionally, outside the Company my wife and I do bake sales and garage sales for Autism Speaks on our own time. We have a son on the autism spectrum so when our Director told me we were going to support Autism Speaks it was a great moment in our family.

Speak up! Don't be afraid to speak up. In our area we have an open door policy that's truly an open door policy. Work hard. I work my butt off. I did every job I was asked to do without complaint. Stay positive, have a good attitude. Remember it's a team effort. We're all in it together at the end of the day and keep that in mind when you're making your decisions.