Picture of Dieter

In 1989 I saw an ad for a Manager Trainee in St. Laurent and I applied. I started at the Brossard Store as a Management Trainee and after 9 months I was promoted to an Assistant Director to open the St. Laurent Store, which was kinda cool, because I knew that mall very well. Less than a year I was promoted to Store Director at our Kingston location. Eventually I asked to move back to the Montreal market and I've moved around it ever since!

In 1999 (I really enjoyed that year) we had a new Department…Special Projects and Development. There was a small group of us, a VP, myself in Montreal and a few other Directors and our mandate was to try to work on new potential ventures for TRU. One of them was to bring Babies"R"Us to Canada (which we obviously did!). Other projects we worked on were Express Stores and kiosks, both of which are in TRU today. Eventually I went back to Stores as the Director for Anjou, then Pointe Claire and now I'm in Saint Bruno – I'm 12 minutes from home. In the past I've been stuck in traffic for up to 2 hours so this is really nice! I've done a lot within the Company and I've loved partnering with other Departments – I already believed in the power of 4 before we introduced it!

We have some really good training programs and I really like the way TRU makes training an important factor in our development. If your bosses see you're eager to learn they give you more information and help you to develop. If you want to be challenged you will be! And when we get put on to special projects it's cool.

There's so much! I've worked with a lot of different Directors and District Managers and I've learned different things from each of them. The business is constantly changing but if we want to grow we have to adapt and change. I've learned patience, how to negotiate and how to deal with several different generations working under one roof.

Instead of just looking, you have to see. Sometimes we're in the Store for so long that we miss the details. Every once in awhile you have to address the details so they don't snowball on you.

Honestly? I guess maybe it's because a lot of people know me and after all these years I still take things to heart. Toys"R"Us is important to me, Company success is important to me. I'll help anyone anywhere so we continue to be a success and we all work together.