Picture of Dawn

It was at Maple Leaf Gardens…I worked concession and served Customers. I did like it, and that's probably why I still work with the public.

I had just moved to Brampton and was searching for a job, and I saw an ad in the paper for a Job Fair at Toys"R"Us just across the street. I waited in line for awhile, but it was worth it! I got a call back a couple of days later and I started as an Associate in Toy, then I moved to Baby.

I had a good BPP (Buyer Protection Plan) sales percentage, so they kept me on cash for awhile, then they ended up putting me on the floor to serve Customer as well. Once we introduced AOS (the Associate Online Service – where we help Customers order online while in our Stores) I went crazy on that! Then our Assistant Director called me one day and then said they were sending me to the round table. Round tables are a chance to go to the Store Support Centre to apply for other progressive positions. That was a compliment after only being here for a year and a half!

The round table is quite fair, there's no bias there. You meet other Managers and Directors from Stores, and they decide who to promote. We were told we would hear within weeks, but 2 days later our District Manager came to visit us at the Store. He said that rather than being promoted from Associate to World Sales Leader, I was promoted to Assistant Manager. It was a shock to me - I wasn't expecting it. I went to the round table just to have the experience and actually enjoyed it. To be promoted - to be double jumped…it was a really big deal. The financial part is nice, the title is nice, but what's really nice is to know that our Store Management team does see what Associates do. And I've been an Assistant Manager since July.

Dealing with the people – our people, the Customers, people in general. The best part of my job is the great staff we have in Brampton. I love it! A lot of Employees have been there for a long time. And for a retail company, the hours are excellent, they're so flexible here. We have great benefits. But it's really the people.

In our Store I would say outgoing, friendly, hardworking, caring. They're really a good bunch. In retail you won't find better people to work with.

The team effort here.

Be honest and hardworking. Most importantly, just be yourself.