Picture of Derek

When I first started here in November 2005 I was brought on as Seasonal Employee – Toys"R"Us was recommended to me by a former Employee who told me it was a good opportunity. It was my first job! I really liked it and after Season I was told I was one of the people they would be keeping. Eventually I worked my way up. In August 2006 I became a World Sales Leader, and after that I just kept on working – every so often I'd ask if there were any other openings, I'd ask for pointers from the Managers and other Employees. In 2008 I was promoted me be an Assistant Manager, and in July 2010 I became a Store Sales Manager.

I'm always getting good feedback from my HR Manager, in training, from my Store Director and Managers, and even from Managers in other TRU Stores! I've always thought with TRU that they take pride in promoting people from inside the Company, regardless of whether you start in the warehouse, as a Cashier, or as a Sales Associate, they always make sure you get the training you need to move up. It's something I've always loved about TRU. I love where I work!

More confidence dealing with people. At first - I'm originally from Jamaica - I wondered if Customers understood what I was saying. I'm young, so sometimes people may not want to deal with you because of your age. Now I can speak to large crowds of people no matter how angry or happy they are, and from a business aspect I'm beginning to understand things like budgets, percentages and so on. When I walk into another Store and people ask questions I can answer them because of the training I got at TRU.

Everyone has personal issues. But when you walk into our Store to work, you leave your problems at the front, just like a jacket. Customers come first and they're the reason we're here. After your shift is over, you can put your "jacket" back on – but while you're working, Customers come first. I got that from my Regional HR Manager and I use it on other Employees!

I was a bit surprised when I got the request to do this interview. I think of myself as a good learner, but as for a success story, I'm still getting there!

To this day, it's my Power Ranger figures. I'm a little ashamed to say it, but I still watch the show!